Forest Code Lab (FCL) Technology Group is located in New York, USA, which is located in the global Biotechnology Center. It is a global innovative technology company involved in the extraction and development of natural functional ingredients, the research of innovative functional raw materials, the activity and application of natural ingredients, product formula and innovative technology research. The company has dozens of top experts and professors in various industries, mastering the world's most advanced technology The new technology and development trend will provide strong scientific and technological support for the upstream and downstream industries such as medicine, biotechnology, medical beauty, cosmetics, health food, etc., and provide more healthy and safe beauty and health products for the society.
The meaning of forest key

The concept of "forest" refers to the words "fresh, green, natural, natural, pleasant, vigorous and refreshing" when it comes to forests.
The miraculous nature not only breeds the miracle of life, but also contains the mysterious life code, and ensures the reproduction of life miracle. These mysterious life codes are beyond people's imagination beyond the reach of modern science and technology. The company's founder sighed at the magic of nature, and founded forest code Lab (FCL) technology group (forest Key Technology Group) to find the code of nature and benefit mankind.

Enterprise tenet

Adhering to the concept of "natural, professional, health, science and technology", the company adopts the latest technology in the world to extract effective ingredients from nature, carry out biological activity and application research, use innovative technology to prepare functional products, and use "professional" and "technology" to bring consumers "natural" and "healthy" product enjoyment.

1. Study on Extraction of natural components

Through in-depth study of natural plants, we found its natural efficacy components, and extracted them with supercritical carbon dioxide extraction, subcritical extraction, ultrasonic extraction and microwave extraction, and achieved incomparable natural essence.

3. Research on innovative functional raw materials

On the basis of full study of natural active ingredients, we should carry out innovative development, reconstruct the structure of natural active ingredients, improve the efficacy of natural active ingredients, and eliminate their potential adverse effects.

4. Innovative process and product research

Using the latest global preparation technology and innovative formula, it not only achieves "synergy" and maximizes the activity of natural functional ingredients, but also brings the ultimate experience to consumers with nearly perfect product quality.

2. Study on the activity of natural ingredients

The activity of natural ingredients was preliminarily screened by conventional physical and chemical tests, and further research was carried out at different levels, such as molecular level, cell level, animal model and human test, so as to fully understand the activity and application characteristics of natural ingredients, and achieve a natural