Forest Key Technology Group is located in New York, USA, which is the center of global biotechnology. It has R&D centers in the United States, Taiwan and Xiamen, China. It covers upstream and downstream industries closely related to people's healthy life, such as medicine, biotechnology, medical beauty, cosmetics and healthy food. It aims to provide more effective, healthier and safer products for human beings and make innovation. Biotechnology serves all mankind.
Adhering to the concept of "natural, professional, health, science and technology", the company adopts the latest technology in the world, extracts functional ingredients from nature, develops biological activity and application research, uses innovative technology to prepare functional products, and brings "natural" and "healthy" product enjoyment to consumers with "professional" and "technology".
Natural ingredients extracted from nature are like keys to human health and skin care, giving the body vitality and endless skin vitality. With rigorous scientific research attitude, the group has discovered, studied and developed natural essence from nature. With the inspiration of art, the natural energy has been innovatively applied to medicine, biotechnology, medical beauty, cosmetics and health foods, so that it can serve for human health and skin care.