The magic of nature: Life reviving grass—Rhodiola

Issuing time:2020-11-17 09:46


   In the "roof of the world" - the hinterland of China's Qinghai Tibet Plateau (The natural preservation zone of Sanjiangyuan)   is the highest natural wetland in China, with an average altitude of more than 4000 meters, one of the areas with the highest high-altitude biodiversity in the world, and also a treasure house of precious skin care ingredients. Rhodiola is a precious skin care ingredients, and also a valuable Chinese herbal medicine.

FCL laboratory collects Rhodiola sachalinensis which growing in the special environment of pollution-free, alpine snow region, and uses the patented extraction technology to extract its skin care ingredients. The results show that: it can delay cell aging, improve the activity of SOD in vivo, inhibit the formation of melanin and reactive oxygen species, strengthen the metabolism of cells, improve the vitality of cells, and have the effect of skin care.

   1. Antioxidant effect

DPPH radical scavenging effects of Rhodiola crenulata extract)

DPPH method is one of the commonly used methods to test the antioxidant activity of functional components, which can better show the antioxidant capacity of functional components. FCL laboratory found that: rhodiola extract has a strong free radical scavenging capacity, and its scavenging capacity is similar to VC. When the volume fraction is 0.125% and 0.25%, the DPPH free radical scavenging rate of Rhodiola extract reaches 71% and 86%. This shows that Rhodiola extract has good antioxidant and oxidative stress damage protection, can effectively remove harmful free radicals, reduce the damage of free radicals to the skin, and achieve the effect of preventing diseases and delaying skin aging.

   2. Whitening effect

(Tyrosinase inhibitory effects of Rhodiola crenulata extract)

Rhodiola, as a high-quality natural plant and Chinese herbal resources, has a significant inhibitory effect on tyrosinase in vitro. 0.5% rhodiola extract can significantly inhibit the activity of tyrosinase, and its inhibition rate is 50%, thus reducing the production of skin melanin and playing a role in whitening skin color.

3. UV resistance

(Protection effects of Rhodiola crenulata extract on UVA damage of 1079SK fibroblasts)

**means P<0.01there was significant difference


Ultraviolet radiation produces harmful stimulation to human body and local through skin stress response mechanism, namely photoaging. The survival rate of 1079sk fibroblasts treated with 1% rhodiola extract was significantly restored after UVA irradiation, which reduced the light damage of UVA on fibroblasts, and even promoted cell proliferation. This shows that Rhodiola extract can effectively repair dermal fibroblasts, reduce light damage caused by UVA, resist UVA damage, protect dermal cells, reduce skin damage and delay skin aging.

In addition, it also has the functions of sterilization and anti-inflammatory, rapidly improving the combination ability of hemoglobin and oxygen in skin blood, improving blood oxygen saturation, promoting skin metabolism and promoting toxin metabolism.

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