Resurrection grass, the most powerful plant in the deser

Issuing time:2020-12-11 09:06

Resurrection grass, the most powerful plant in the desert

opens a new skin code for moisturizing and skin care

When it comes to the name of “Resurrection grass”, people are shocked by it.

So where did this amazing species come from?

Resurrection grass is a desert plant

Also known as "the rose of Jericho"

Even if it is almost completely dried, it also can be "revived" in a short time, so it is famous all over the world

It can withstand the harshest sun heat or extreme drought

When drought comes, it shrinks into a ball

Lock the last precious drop of water in its body

Just a little water

The glycosyl trehalose contained in its body

Will play a strong water lock moisturizing function

It relies on its own unique magic power

It has withstood several extremely severe droughts on earth

It's a miracle of life from nature


There are always times of the year people can feel the faces tense

The speed of replenishing water is far behind the water loss

Serious imbalance of water and oil in facial skin

Who knows the pain of dry skin?

Swelling, sensitivity, damage, dry lines

How to ensure that the water supply task is safe

Don't worry, The Forest Code Lab will tell you!

The Forest Code Lab developed the Resurrection grass essence

Decode the magic resurrection grass

Strong water supplement power

from the nature


Fundamentally solve all kinds of skin problems

Remould skin moisturizing function

Deep repair the moisturizing barrier

The natural moisturizing factor is stored inside the cell

Continuously infuse water into skin to form source water circulation

The molecular system of the stock solution is relatively small, and the effective ingredients can penetrate into the skin more quickly,

Give the skin more concentrated, more effective care,

Make the skin recover the best condition in a short time

In the dry weather season, it can strong guard your dry skin

To save your skin from water shortage, make your skin easily return to tender and moisturizing, and keep your skin moist


The most commonly used method of essence is to apply it directly to the skin


However, before using the essence, it is necessary to clean the skin so as to absorb the active ingredients


It should be noted that the higher the temperature, the faster the essence absorption

When using the essence, it is better to drop it on the hand, and then gently wipe it on the face and press it with the middle finger

The temperature of the palm is higher than that of the hand, and the essence is easily absorbed by the palm

The essence has other magical effect~

In addition to applying the essence directly to your face, you can also mix it with other skin care products. You will find that the moisturizing effect is more remarkable.


The original solution enhances the effect of skin care products, so it becomes a regular product for skin care

Sometimes ,if you don't feel comfortable with the base make-up

Feel dry, floating powder

A few drops of essence can be mixed

You'll get a clean and hydrated base

So you can say goodbye to the uncomfortable makeup~


The Resurrection grass essence from the Forest Code lab

Shock listing!!


Powerful life factors from the nature

460 times of hydraulic power!


Let your face "pinch out" water,

it should be so moist,

let people use a bottle of essence to fall in love with it.

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