Need For Beauty  - Collagen Mask

Issuing time:2020-11-21 15:36

No addition

No allergy

No risk

         Collagen is known as "soft gold", its content determines the young degree of skin!

The reduction of collagen content will lead to dry, rough and dull skin, make the skin become loose and cause wrinkles.

     Would you want to experience the full absorption of collagen mask?

    Strictly select the natural collagen mask, light and thin, fit the skin and let the skin breathe freely. It contains the human-like collagen, giving the skin luxurious and regenerative nutrition. With the deep-sea essence, which makes the skin compact and reappear young. The natural beauty essence can also enhance skin's elastic and make it feel smooth, fresh. One mask can keep fresh peach blossom skin.


"Luxury essence, fixed time."

With the latest "instant dissolving" technology and high-purity human like collagen, it instantly dissolves and absorbs, penetrates to the bottom of the skin, injects the source of activating energy into the deep skin, softens and repairs the damaged skin, and makes the skin appear pink, tender and bright; Stimulates the skin's self-healing ability, resists the invasion of years, fixes time, and releases the young .


One Mask can regenerate the beautiful skin.

The mask restores the absorption channel of young skin, which makes skin easier to absorb and maintain the products, repair the strong muscles and keep the skin healthy. The incomparable collagen essence gives the young skin energy, improves roughness, enhances the skin's luster, prevents wrinkles, retards the aging of the skin, and restores the skin

The new revolution of mask

Apply the whole piece of collagen on your face

The skin absorbs the essence. The more thin the mask is, the more absorbs it is.


It will melt and absorb

Visible water dissolves collagen

When you put it into warm water ,It can melt and turn into essence.

It can be applied to the hands, feet,or other parts of the body, No waste at all.

Collagen peptide natural moisturizing factor

The absorption rate is more than 95%. It can reach the dermis of the skin

Dense small molecules are more easily absorbed

Nourish the skin

It won't suck moisture from the skin

Even if it is applied continuously for 2 hours, it will not be reabsorbed

Safe for pregnant women

No preservative mask

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